If you are facing chronic back pain, then you might need yoga. There are various effective yoga-poses-for-back-pain (โยคะ แก้ ปวด หลัง, which is the term in Thai) that have a mind-body therapy approach. Not only recommendable for back pain treatment, but such yoga poses can also release the associated stress. They are one of the most preferred poses for body strengthening and relaxation. Just by indulging in a few minutes of yoga every day, you can grow aware of your body.

This shall in turn help you identify the tension areas and places you have imbalances. This awareness proves healthy as you can align your body, mind and peace.

Most Tried Yoga Poses For Back Pain Relief

Various studies prove that yoga is one such ancient practice which emphasizes flexibility, strength and stretching to improve your function and relieve you from back aches. Yoga motivates your body to develop its defences against back pain causes which might include pelvic muscles and weak abdominal muscles apart from hip flexibility.

Strengthening such muscles invariable means that you can minimize the load on your back and minimize the pain associated with it. Here are some of the most common yoga poses to try for back pain.

Downward-Facing Dog To Stretch Your Hamstrings

The downward-facing dog is a classic yoga pose which refers to the total body stretch. This yoga pose emphasises the back extensors. More so the large muscles that assist in lower back-formation support the spine and help you to stand and lift items.

Child ‘S Pose To Stretch Your Back And Reduce Stress

The child’s pose might appear like you are taking a rest but is an active stretch that helps you to stretch your back. It is also seen to be an amazing de-stressor that you can try before bed after a long and tiring day.

Pigeon Pose Helps In Hip Relaxation Through Rotators Stretching

Pigeon pose might be a challenging yoga-pose-for-back pain, especially if you are a beginner as it includes stretching flexors and hip rotators. However ineffective it might look in treating back pain, tight hips can a primary reason for lower back pain.

Triangle Pose Helps In Torso Muscle Lengthening And Strength Building

The triangle pose is an excellent choice for back strengthening and can help in muscle lengthening along the torso side while also stretching your outer hip’s muscle fibres.

Cat Cow Pose To Stretch Your Neck, Shoulder And Torsi

The cat-cow pose is a gentle and easily accessible yoga pose that not only stretches your backbend but also helps in spine mobilization. By practising this yoga pose, you can help in stretching your neck, shoulders and torso.

Regular yoga practice for several minutes can relieve you from severe to chronic back pain. People who have practised all the above-mentioned yoga-poses-for-back-pain are less likely to count on medications after a few months.

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