If you have a classic car in a non working condition but do not know how to ship it to the desired location, read this post till the end to know how to do it the right way. You will have two options.

The first option includes driving your car to the destination of your choice, but in this case, it is not possible. However, self-driving is not recommended for long distances, as it is not safe. Besides that for long-distance journeys, you need to make arrangements for various things such as accommodation, food, fuel, etc. To avoid unnecessary stress, choose car shipping services.

Owning a classic car is a matter of pride, but moving with one when not in working condition can be a challenging task. A good car shipping services would be helpful to you in such a case.

As there are so many companies that offer car shipping services, choose the best from the options available to have a peace of mind. Choose a reputed automobile shipping service provider such as Ship A Car Inc.They are well-experienced and provide affordable shipping services. Click on https://www.shipacarinc.com/can-i-ship-a-classic-car-thats-not-working/ to know in detail about their services.

What to take care of when choosing a car shipping company?

You might lose your money if you choose a company without reading the reviews. It is highly essential to take suggestions from your relatives and friends, as this helps you make a better choice. Check the review websites and car forums as well to avoid making a mistake when choosing a shipping company. For shipping classic cars, you must take extra care.

Choose either an enclosed trailer or an open trailer as per your choice. But for classic cars, many people choose enclosed trailers as they provide better safety. Even though open trailers are less expensive, your car will be exposed to theft, damage, weather, and road debris. The enclosed trailer might cost you more but they provide greater safety to your vehicle. If the company which you are planning to choose asks for a deposit, ensure that you do proper research before hiring their services.

Most reputed companies do not look for a deposit. They might take the payment at the time of vehicle drop off or pick up. When exporting a car, the majority of auto transport businesses demand a specific time window for arranging delivery and pickup. This is because, unlike aircraft, trucking involves the utilization of vehicles that travel along a variety of daily routes with a significant degree of variability due to factors like customer schedules, traffic, and weather.

Once you have decided about shipping your classic car with the company that you feel confident working with, it is time to get your automobile ready for shipping. If your car cannot be moved onto and off the trailer, your shipping company might charge a non-run fee. Read the terms and conditions properly before choosing a shipping company. Request for a copy of the vehicle inspection report at the time of your vehicle pick-up, as this helps you to compare the condition of your vehicle, after receiving it at the delivery address.

Find a good car shipping company today to ship your classic car safely wherever you want in a stress-free way.

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