It can be scary to visit a new city, especially if it’s dark. But with these tips on staying safe while exploring Bangkok’s Jatujak Weekend Market, you’ll be able to study confidently.

The Way To The Condo

If you are unsure where to go after leaving the airport, ask for directions. You can also use a map and a GPS on your phone if you have one.

If you know where Jatujak is located but still need help, look for landmarks like signs with the names of streets written in Thai or English. If there aren’t any nearby, it’s okay to ask someone who looks like they might live in the area. You can check out Condo Jatujak (คอน โด จตุจักร, which is the term in Thai ) at the main centre and follow the lead through the link to one of the best places.

Locate The Closest BTS

First, you’ll need to get directions. Use Google Maps’ transit feature to see the best way of getting from your current location to the BTS station closest to your condo. If you’re unsure where that is, use the Bangkok Transit System website. You can also check Google Street View and look at what the station looks like before you go there.

Next, let’s make sure there are buses or taxis nearby if you don’t want another subway ride after a long day exploring Bangkok. Once again, use Google Maps!

Look For The Closest Bridge.

If you’re unsure which bridge is the closest, ask a local. Ask another local if that doesn’t work, and you still can’t find the bridge. If you still need directions after asking two people who don’t know what they’re talking about, then we suggest asking someone else until someone gives you a straight answer.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings.

You’ll not be able to see as well at night, so you should be extra careful when walking around. Stay on main streets and avoid alleys or places that might have people hiding in the shadows. If you feel like someone is following you, call 911 immediately and try to get away from them as quickly as possible.

Watch Out For Drunks And Druggies.

It’s common sense that if someone is drunk (or high), they might become violent—and this can happen even when they don’t mean it! So don’t walk through parks or public areas where there are lots of people who could be under the influence—especially at night when it’s harder to tell what their intentions are until it’s too late…


Overall, we hope this article has been valuable and informative. You can use these tips to ensure you’re prepared for anything when visiting Thailand. We know finding your way around a new city can be tricky, especially if you don’t speak the local language! But with our help, we think you’ll be able to navigate through Bangkok like a pro in no time.

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