Every customer likes to have additional benefits while purchasing any kind of product. Hence, it isn’t a wonder the added packs containing extra grill accessories given along with Kamado Joe grills are attracting the attention of customers. BBQs2u has offered different kind of packs with many of their barbeque kitchen appliances that is scorching the sales.

For two decades BBQs2U has been marketing top brands such as Kamado Joe, Napoleon, Masterbuilt and Ooni. The latest among the series of offerings is Kamado Joe – Classic II – Explorer pack. BBQs2U, the trustable marketer of quality-based grills and ovens has once again favoured their customer’s needs and launched an explorer pack with their classic style grill.

The salient features of Kamado Joe Classic II with explorer pack:

  • The ancient-style appearance of the grill itself is centre of attraction at any barbeque party. It can be rightly said that the grill is a blend of traditional and modern barbeque food cooking appliances. The grill looks different from the innovative applications included in its design to make it easy for the user to cook delicious barbeque food fast.
  • The shape of grill provides the vent needed for smooth airflow to cook the smoky meat and veggies perfectly. The chromic surface craftsmanship is par excellence as it is proud to own a traditional grill oven.
  • The Kamado soapstone provides the added benefit of cooking on at flat surface with ease. The food would be grilled at an even temperature and the surface allows cooking for a small get together with ease. The non-sticky Canadian soapstone supports the juicy flavour of the meat and the freshness remains intact.
  • No worries to cook different kinds of veggies and fishes over the laser-cut stainless steel surface of the grill as the temperature is evenly maintained. At a time, you can cook, grill and roast food. Moreover, it is easy to clean the surface afterwards, thus no hard effort is needed to clean the grease accumulated.
  • The ceramic heat deflector retains the temperature thus there is lesser consumption of fuel. The smoke circulates all over thus there are negligible chances of food getting burnt.
  • The two-tier Divide & Conquer Flexible cooking system allows cooking at various temperature as required. Moreover, the presence of a cast iron top vent to regularised the grill temperature aids in effortless cooking.
  • There isn’t any need to burn more charcoal as the grill retains its right temperature. If the vents are kept open there is no fear of food burning even at high temperatures. The steaks can be cooked on one side where the temperature is high and afterwards placed on another side to stay warm. The 18″ diameter surface of the grill helps to cook without spilling the ingredients.

BBQs2U discount offers are highly appreciated as the customers can avail many more grill accessories at a discounted price. There is a lifetime warranty for the Kamado Joe – Classic Joe BBQs grill ceramic body that indicates that the barbeque appliance is a tested product and can be used for many years without any worries of malfunctioning. Its purchaser is sure to feel proud while cooking and serving their dear and need ones delicious grilled food.

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