With instant messaging becoming increasingly common in the workplace, businesses mustconsider ways to remain compliant. One of the most effective solutions is to use a reliable message-archiving solution to collect and store conversations.

But why is it important to archive messages enterprises send and receive daily? Keep on reading to find out.

  1. Compliance

The top reason why companiessubscribe to archiving software is to ensure they remain compliant with regulations. Many governing bodies like SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, and GDPR monitor business communications, requiring firms to keep records of all conversations.

While other businesses manually collect data from their messaging channels, leveraging an effective archiver for messages can make gathering more accessible and secure. You’ll have an extensive and permanent collection you can present to regulatory agencies if they begin an investigation.

  1. Legal Events

Suppose something happened in your company that requires an e-discovery. During an e-discovery, businesses must present digital evidence, often ascollected copies of messages and emails. Failure to show a single file may result in legal repercussions.

Unexpected legal events such as e-discoveries and audits are why having an archiver is crucial. Not only do collected messages keep you safe from compliance violations, but they can also act as solid evidence in court.

  1. Data Analysis

Other than legal protection, archived instant messages are also a valuable source of information for the company in many aspects, such as marketing and customer service.

Since messages contain past conversations with clients and customers, you can use this to enhance your marketing campaign to tailorit to specific preferences. You could also utilize the data to better serve clients and identify their needs.

Protect your Business Communications

The digital age has innovated plenty of new platforms for businesses to connect to the rest of the world. But this convenience comes withgreat responsibility, and firms are expected to ensure security and compliance in their communications.

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