The rate of motorcycle accidents has become alarming and this has on the other end given rise to the need for a motorcycle accident attorney in society. Indeed, statistics sometimes can be so intimidating to read or listen to, however, these are what give pointers to how we get to manage situations that can pose to us which can eventually lead to a road accident caused by a motorcycle. According to an American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, about 80% of all reported motorcycle crashes result in either severe injuries or death in comparison to that of a vehicle accidents such as cars, trucks, etc. All these are pointers to ensuring that proper caution is taken by motorcycles while riding on the road, looking at personal factors that can cause road accidents for motorcycles will in a lot of ways help to manage the situation of an accident as well help us to know when to consult a motorcycle accident attorney.

  1. Alcohol and Drug Use: The first and topmost to be considered is alcohol, it is a sad thing to talk about but truly alcohol has been one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents worldwide. Being drunk with alcohol while riding a motorcycle on the road is sending an invite to trouble on the road most especially when one is riding a motorcycle. The negative effects of alcohol start to affect the brain just after one drinks and can affect things like the judgment and reasoning of an individual, balance and coordination, social behavior, as well as memory and learning. Therefore it is safe to say one should not ride when they are under the influence of alcohol, otherwise, you may have a motorcycle accident attorney to combat with if you make another a victim of casualty because of your negligence.
  2. Over Speeding: Having to be at a high speed on a motorcycle can be very thrilling and interesting with just a twist. It can look like unlimited power has been released, and speed is known to be the highest cause of motorcycle accidents in the world. A clear road and beauty can be very tempting, however, having to push beyond the limits most of the time comes with consequences that are greater than the thrilling moments that it affords us. So it is avoidable that in avoiding all of these excesses and damages that speed can cause while riding that riders ensure that they maintain appropriate speed limits so that we can all get to prevent the sad stories of accidents on our highways.
  3. Inexperience and Inattention: This is another factor that can be related to persons that causes road accidents, ideally, it is expected that before a rider gets on the road they are skilled and have been subjected to a significant amount of training before they get on the road, it is most of the time advised that new riders should consider spending their first season of riding their motorcycle on less challenging roads to sharpen their skills as it has been recorded that about 29% of all motor fatalities involve riders without a license and proper experience.


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